A Brief Profile of Pixel Solutions

Guangzhou Pixel Solutions Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996. Pixel Solutions specializes in two areas of expertise:
1) Digital imaging software development and image software service provider
2) Development of Biometric applications, primarily face recognition applications.

Pixel Solutions is a Certified Enterprise in GB/T1 9001-2000 idt / ISO 9001-2000 Quality Standards. We are a nationally accredited high-tech company providing world class software development products. 

The company’s main products are:
1. G2 ID Photo capture system
2. G2 ID photo quality assessment/validation platform
3. ePassport photo capture system
4. MRTD ePhoto adjustment and quality assessment/validation flatform
5. Digital Imaging Service: www.tunet.cn, an image hosting, image adjustment and online ordering of custom photo products
6. Facegene Face Recognition Applications
1) Identity Verification
2) Large-Scale DB Search
3) High-resolution video face screening

1. Guangzhou G2 ID photo quality assessment platfrom(www.gzrz.net)
2. Shanxi Provincial G2 ID photo qualilty assessment platform (police intranet)
3. Epassport photo adjustment and assessment platofrm (www.mrtdephoto.com )
4. Photo adjustment and verification project for the 16th Asian Games

We believe high-tech products should be accessible, reliable, and affordable. As application developer, we believe good applications will make good technology shine!


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